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Anniversaries usually lead to reflec­tion, and spending hours driving to and from various football grounds over the Christmas and New Year holiday meant I had plenty of time to do so. According to the Sunday Times website, hidden behind a paywall, the match between Barnsley and Leeds United on 31st December was my 1,000th byline in the paper. What with the date, my very first ST byline being from Oakwell too, and the current state of the newspaper industry, there was something of a feeling of having come full circle.
What comes next is of course a question uppermost in the minds of many a freelance currently, and not a few staffers either. Another newspaper I work for — 739 bylines — is The Guardian, which has just announced it is re-incorporating the sports section back into the main body of the newspaper. The number of pages dedicated to sport will inevitably fall, and oppor­tu­ni­ties for free­lances — already much dimin­ished over the last two years — likewise. In such cir­cum­stances reaching four figures for the G seems an unlikely prospect.
Got around a bit at Christmas though. Since Villa v Liverpool, below, I’ve been to Trent Bridge to see James Taylor for The Indy, The BBC in Birmingham, Northampton v Bath for The Guardian, Stoke City v Villa for The Guardian, Norwich v Spurs for the Indy, and as mentioned, Oakwell for the ST.

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Written by RichardRae

January 5th, 2012 at 11:12 am

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