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I’m a national newspaper and magazine sports jour­nal­ist, and have been for longer than I’d care to remember now. Well, 12 years, anyway. There aren’t many sports I haven’t covered for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The BBC, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Observer, The Times, The Yorkshire Post, The Gloucestershire Echo and the Hull Daily Mail. The point is I’ve been around long enough to have some sort of perspective.

The website has been created to keep a record of some of my published stuff –though all my stuff is also available con­tem­po­ra­ne­ously through jour­nal­isted and to give me an outlet for a blog. Random musings for the most part, it might also contain the odd rumour or even fact I can’t get into print. It’s also intended to give anyone who might be vaguely inter­ested, such as sports fans who like to think of them­selves as being tolerably intel­li­gent, jour­nal­ism students and county cricket lovers, an occa­sional insight into trying to make a living as a freelance sports jour­nal­ist during chal­leng­ing times.

The great American sports­writer and novelist Paul Gallico once said; “Sport preserves ado­les­cence, which is not a bad thing.” He also said; “It is a meeting ground for two minds which might otherwise be com­pletely empty of anything. Above all, it has a perpetual drama which even the theatre can’t rival.“
The first and last sentences I can happily quote in public without too much shame. Unfortunately the second sentence is probably equally true.

Oh well. It keeps some of us out of trouble. I live in Stamford with an under­stand­ing wife and two hulking teenage sons, still have most of my hair, and a feeling that one way or another it will probably all turn out alright.

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December 28th, 2010 at 11:42 am

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